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How Do Aliens Escape is a spectacular puzzle-adventure game about an interstellar civilization. Our game offers a unique solving quiz game experience based on the captivating and mysterious storyline.

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A Touching Story

It happened that the lives of the  whole planet population are on the line. Step by step, one of the stars of their system is rising along with the temperature on their planet. So it’s days away from complete destruction… 

Not a minute to lose!

A Fascinating Adventure

You and your skills are the last hope of the civilization with history longer than billions of years. So put on the space suit and start the engine.

Explore space in search of a habitable planet. Lead the “starship troopers” and extricate from difficult situations using your logic and cunning. 

See if you have what it takes to save billions of lives from death!

Our Mission

We are a team of enthusiasts with a big mission. We made this game to remind all of us about the great importance of the planet, where we live in.

Unfortunately, we only know the worth of water when the well is dry. We don’t even realize how fragile our planet is. 

However, like in our game, we can choose whatever you want. So what will we choose – stand idle by or take charge of our future?